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Fingerprint Smart Card

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WHAT IS A Fingerprint Smart Card ?

A Card that provides fingerprint authentication for
registered users with a built-in fingerprint sensor

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    Hardware-based Security Token mounted with Security Encryption Module

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    Protects against hacking and information leaks by saving certificates and e-Signature on IC Chip’s HSM (Hardware Security Module), a top-grade security medium

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    Smart Card is usable when the IC Chip is activated through fingerprint verification of a registered user

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    Supports NFC (Near Field Communication) for simple one-touch communication with smartphones and card readers

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    Uses PKI-based Public Key Algorithms to ensure secure financial transactions

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    Can be used as a regular check card or a credit card

Using Fingerprint Smart Card Online

  • Step 1

    On the verification page
    of a website or an app,
    select Fingerprint Smart Card

  • Step 2

    Enter phone number

  • Step 3

    Fingerprint Smart Card
    Power On

  • Step 4

    Authenticate one's
    fingerprint on the
    Fingerprint Smart Card

  • Step 5

    After authentication,
    touch the card
    on the smartphone

Using Fingerprint Smart Card Offline

  • Step 1

    Fingerprint Smart Card
    Power On

  • Step 2

    Authenticate one's
    fingerprint on the
    Fingerprint Smart Card

  • Step 3

    After authentication,
    touch the card
    on the POS terminal

Fingerprint Smart Card Specifications

  • Fingerprint Sensor
    H/W Spec

    Size : 12.2 x 12.2 (mm)

    Size Sensing Array : 160 x 160 Pixel

    Clock Frequency : < 18MHz

  • MCU
    H/W Spec

    MCU Core : Coretex M3_32bit

    Memory : 128K Byte

    System Clock : Max 144 MHz

  • IC Chip
    H/W Spec

    CPU : 16bit

    EEPROM : 72K

    RAM : 6K

    Interface : ISO7816 T=0, ISO14443,
    Type A/B, Mifare

    Global Platform : 2.1.1

    Algorithm : DES(T-DES), SEED, RSA, AES

  • IC Chip
    S/W Main Functions

    Key Pair generation

    Random number generation

    Authentication certificate storage

    RSA e-Signature generation, verification, and decryption

    Key / PIN / Certificate passcode storage

Fingerprint Smart Card Features

  • Security

    Protects against hacking and information
    leaks by saving biometric data, personal
    data and certificates in the IC Chip on a
    card or on the eSE on a watch

  • Convenience

    Authenticates a user simply by using
    biometric data instead of complex passcodes

  • Portability

    Provides portability by storing all biometric
    data and certificates on the IC chip of a check
    card or credit card

  • Scalability

    Supports PC and mobile applications for financial
    transactions, e-commerce, public bidding, etc.

  • Standards Compliance

    Complies with domestic and international standards
    such as KISA Bio Security Token Compatibility Test,
    Forgery Resistance Assessment, etc.

Fingerprint Smart Card Applicable Areas

Fingerprint Smart Card can be used both online and offline for self-authentication and payment.
Safer authentication/payments are made possible through fingerprint authentication.

  • Online Authentication

    Used during any online log-in process for
    online banking, etc.

  • Offline Access Control

    Authentication using any of Offline
    Access Control Systems

  • Online Payment

    Online Payments for Bank Transfer, Internet Shopping,
    Bills, Medical Services, Cultural Content Purchases, etc.

  • Offline Payment

    Offline Payments for general transactions, bills,
    medical services, parking and public transportation, etc.